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LifeChangers is all about giving hope, changing lives and growing families.

For twelve (12) years, the programs of LifeChangers have recovered drop-out students, improved the attendance of students, assisted students to succeed academically, prepared students to enter and excel in college, developed students and their families with life and conflict resolution skills all while providing enriching and memorable experiences.

LifeChangers has a support structure in place to address the needs of students through technology, mentoring, and programming. Comprehensively, LifeChangers provides ongoing services to address truancy, behavior, and academic considerations through Project HOPE, Destroying the GAP, Saturday-DTG Academy, and Inspire4Life. LifeChangers provides intervention and tracking through the provision of services including sign-in sheets, attendance checks, electronic documentation, electronic notifications in coordination with parents, campus Dropout Prevention Specialist and School Resource Officers (SRO), Juvenile court systems, and home visits when appropriate

  • Project HOPE ( Helping Overcome Problems and Experiences) and proceeds with ongoing mentoring (G-Force Mentors)
  • Destroying the GAP (DTG), Saturday-DTG Academy , and culminates with the summer program Inspire4Life. Ongoing Training and Consultation with AISD administration and support staff is a critical component in securing consistent communication between LifeChangers, AISD and other schools.

Each component of this comprehensive model addresses tenets of the scope of service and performance requirements and will be detailed in the following proposal. To date, LifeChangers has utilized it’s programs to serve approximately 500 families a year. Due to LifeChangers’ tracking system, over 94% have entered college or a trade school; 90% have re-enrolled in school after dropping out, and 75% participate in all programs year round.

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